Financing by Craftsman Tiny Homes

Please read requirements and when everything seems to be acceptable, fill the application form. Thank you.


Min down payment: 33% ( to upwards 50% )

Craftsman Tiny Homes will finance the remaining balance with a 6% interest rate.

Park your Tiny Home in one of our spaces:

Rent: $600.00 per month including Electric, Water, Sewer, and Trash + 1 parking space + a small grass yard or garden area We will pour a concrete pad where you can park your tiny home.

Loan Monthly payment:

The final sales price of your Tiny House determines your monthly payment.

Payment Example: If your build is $30,000, your down payment will be $10,000 and we will finance $20,000 for 3 years. 36 payments for a total of $21,903.79 and each payment would be $608.44.

Required Documents:

Loan application

Proof of Identity: Driver's License, State ID card, Passport

Proof of Income: Pay Stubs to cover a month, Disability Check, Bank Statements

Current Rent Payment Status: Monthly amount and payment record

Loan Application